Smakebit på söndag - 24 december 2017 - Christmas Days av Jeanette Winterson

Jag insåg nu när jag loggade in att Smakebitarna har jul- och nyårspaus - men nu råkade jag redan ha tagit en screenshot och jag älskade verkligen denna boken, som jag just lyckades läsa klart med några skälvande timmar kvar innan Höstbingot är slut och därmed fick full bricka - så... ni får den ändå! Det är en helt underbar samling av berättelser av olika slag - här berättar åsnan som bar Josef och Maria till stallet sin story. Fascinerande! 
 "'What happened to your nose?'
The three kings had left before dawn, warned in a fitful dream to return by another route. I had seen their dromedaries moving like music out to the fields where the shepherds were already lighting their morning fire.  
There was nothing to show for the night just gone, except three boxes of precious stuff, a hole in the roof where the angels had dangled their feet on the rim of time, and the fact that the stable door had been blown off. Joseph paid for the door with a piece of gold from the box, and showed the innkeeper the Baby Boy, and they talked about the star seen in the East, and the innkeeper gave his opinion, boasting about Herod, and some fool-talk about angels, and then I trotted back round the corner, nose-first. 
'Well I'll be blowed,' said Joseph. 
The truth is that when the angel's foot had rested on my muzzle as I brayed, my muzzle had turned as gold as a trumpet that proclaims another world. 
We didn't wait for Herod. We set out for Egypt, not telling anyone where we had gone, and I carried Mary and her Baby, many days and nights, into safety." 
Ur Christmas Days - 12 stories and 12 feasts for 12 days av Jeanette Winterson, Penguin: 2016 
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